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When the storms of life are raging
And the trials are too much to bear
He leads me to that peaceful shore
Where He shows me that He cares

The waters there, so still and clear
Quench my thirst and calm my heart
My Shepherd waits there patiently
Assuring me He’ll not depart

As I sit along the water’s edge
I pour out my heart and soul
He puts His arm around my neck
And my tears begin to roll

His eyes tear up as I share each trial
It’s as though He feels my pain
My Shepherd gives my neck a squeeze
Giving joy which I can’t contain

A Friend, Brother, and Shepherd is He
His Word gives me strength and delight
He refreshes my poor broken spirit
And gives me songs in the night

My visits beside those still waters
Grow sweeter with each passing day
I eagerly run there each morning
To hear what my Shepherd will say

His Words bring refreshment and solace
The love in His eyes stir me so
May I always be found ever serving
Through my actions, His love will I show

Kate Plourde
October 6, 2006