Good Reading

Chick Publications – This is a great website that has cartoon gospel stories tracts that are read by people of all ages. I began to read them in 1980 when I first was saved. They cover a multitude of topics, some of which deal with today’s topics. One of the most popular tract is “This Was Your Life”! Please click on the hyperlink and read it online. It’s excellent!

For New Believers

A new believer must dive into reading God’s Word in order to grow. Do an internet search for Bible reading plans. There are many out there to choose from. My free Bible software comes with a reading plan that can be tailored.

A good read for new believers is a book found at Jack Chick’s site called “The Next Step” It’s a quick read but packed with excellent information and teaching.

David Cloud also has an excellent one-year course on Discipleship that leads you through the foundations of Christianity. Follow the link and order: One Year Discipleship Course. A PDF costs only $14.95 and is well worth it.

Reading your Bible is the best thing you can do for your Christian growth. However, find a good fundamental Bible-believing church who preaches out of the King James Bible. Get baptized as this is the first step in obedience for Christians. Although it is not required to be saved, baptism symbolizes the death of your old life and the resurrection of your new life in Christ. It also publicly links you to Christ. A Christian cannot plan to live a life of obedience to the Lord if he does not wish to be baptized.