I let a stranger in my life
He filled my every need
He didn’t ask much of my time
So easy was He to please

He simply said His load was light
How true that was to be
I grew to love Him more each day
And now I am set free

I can’t explain the way I feel
This happiness inside
I want to share it with all I know
A love I just can’t hide

Why does He make me feel this way
I can’t begin to know
He says to put my trust in Him
And inside me His Spirit grows

He’ll show me what there is to life
If I just keep His Holy Word
He’ll help me through the grief and strife
If I just make Him the Lord of all

It’s not easy to give in to Him
To change those old wicked ways
But He knows this and with an outstretched Hand
He helps me not to stray

He asks so little in return
For all these needs I ask
Only to love and praise His Holy Name
And that’s such an easy task

Oh how happy I am I let Him in
That stranger in my life
No more darkness will I ever see
Just His sweet and glorious Light.

Kate Plourde

March 1981