1 Cor. 15:52  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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I’m Waiting for You, Lord!

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Will I be found faithful when You return for me, dear Lord?
Or will my efforts leave me with a meagerly reward?
These are my thoughts each passing day; seeking to do your will,
I longingly search your way through the illuminating Word.

Use me in my circle, to share your mercy and your grace.
I will gladly show salvation to those who are so lost!
Lord, there is no greater love that I can share with this world;
To tell them of your suffering – you paid that heavy cost!

The time of the Rapture is soon coming, right at the door.
I fear that my lost family will suffer Satan’s rage!
Oh Father, give me extra time to share the bless’d news.
Please remove the scale-filled eyes and reveal your precious Grace.

Each morning finds me watching, waiting for that Kingdom age.
Dear Father, there’s no greater gift than what you did for me!
All my tears shall be wiped free, and my faith will be made sight.
I will spend each of those days with you for all eternity!

~ Kate Plourde, 08/29/2023

The Lord Reigns

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Jesus, the Holy Saviour
For mankind He bore our sin
This sacrifice is priceless
It provides a peace within

Our Lord who reigns in Heaven,
Clothed in love and majesty
Will return for all believers
We’ll forever be with Him

Look above all you Christians
Your redemption draweth nigh
Be ready for the Rapture
When we’ll meet Him in the sky!

Don’t delay, believe the Word
The pages reveal the way
Through Him has salvation come
And our sin debt He did pay

The Rapture is soon coming
Look to Him and not the world
Keep strong on His foundation
Share salvation from the Lord

He’ll be called Omnipotent
There will be no other King
And He’ll reign from Jerusalem
Trumpet sounds and bells will ring!

Kate Plourde

You’re Never Alone

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When you’re by your self, and no one’s around
When not even a single soul in your world can be found
Simply turn to God’s Word, it most certainly is true
That God can be found to bring solace to you.

He has placed letters for comfort, and some teach us to pray
Letters from His Spirit which His thoughts do convey
To a flock that He loves and has promised to guide
Through the valleys and rivers, to our home up on high.

All of life’s paths are laid out in a pattern
Designed by a Master Hand guiding each turn
His Love is more than that of your friend
This Saviour will be with you to the very end!

Kate Plourde


Your Word, My Breath

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What a great mother that I would be
To leave my child something from me
With directions to the paths of life
As well as warnings from sin and strife

I am no better than those with heart
Who strive to guide them from the start
My goal to teach of the One Above
To lead them to the Christ, His Love

Your Word has fed me from milk to meat
Sometimes ’twas bitter sometimes ’twas sweet
But each time I walked away refreshed
Your Spirit at work within my flesh

You are my light, my water, my bread
A cleansing power is Your blood so red
This Crimson Thread is revealed throughout
Each letter, each page Your Word thus shouts

My worn out Bible is my life, my breath
Without its nourishment, is spiritual death
It is by choice to devote precious time
Because I am promised a life so sublime

This Book of Directions You have left for me
Reveals what a caring Father You must be
Your Word contains warning of sin and strife
To guide and comfort me in this earthly life

What compassion, love, and amazing grace
Is revealed on each page for the human race
While we were yet sinners you died for us
To save us from hell and eternal darkness

Thank You Lord for Your Word so free
Leading us to Your side for eternity
Help us hold it and keep it with all diligence
Guarding each word with utmost reverence.

April 14, 2006
Kate Plourde

Your Salvation Day

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In awesome wonder and praise I sit
Going over that glorious day
The day you came to the Saviour
And your sins were all washed away

Your prayer was so sincere and sweet,
It reached heaven with opened ears
Angels rejoicing with hymns and songs
And Your Father so moved to tears!

A hurting son came to Him last night
Who had been wandering for so long
Your Father so patiently waited
For His son to repent and come home

In the still of the night you were broken
And your desperate cry He did hear
Salvation was given to you freely
Now He’ll hold you ever so near

Your Father awaits you each morning
In a place that is special to you
With the Bible ready and waiting
So His Spirit your heart can renew

Be faithful and strong, my precious son
God’s Word daily feeding your soul
Be vigilant, guarding your spirit
In your walk toward your Heavenly Home

I love you, Adam!

Will Jesus Find Us Watching

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A day is as a thousand years
In God’s space and realm of time
Our journey here is measured
Like a mountain that we climb

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Please help us to remember Lord
Just how frail each moment is
So we may utilize each day
The same way that Jesus did

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Will you be busy with life’s walk?
Bearing burdens, in despair?
What will Jesus find you doing?
When He calls you in the air?

Will Jesus find us watching friend?
Will He find us fast asleep?
Let’s treat each hour like the last
While we’re rescuing His sheep

Kate Plourde
December 30, 2008

Under Thy Wings

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I find sweet comfort under Thy wings
No matter what difficulty or trial
As long as my eyes are focused on Thee
On the pages of my bless’ed worn Bible

A fountain of life for the thirsty soul
With refreshment along life’s walk
Providing direction through valleys and hills
Giving warning when the enemy knocks

How I thank Thee, oh Shepherd of my soul
For protecting me from the enemy’s snares
Under Thy wings I do safely abide
As I find peaceful rest in Thy care

Kate Plourde
July 20, 2006

To Protect and Serve

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I don’t know why you chose this path
It was surely not for pay
There’s no routine or certainty
That brings comfort with each day

You leave your home and take with you
Silent prayers of family
They know the dangers you will see
They pray on bended knee

Your eyes see more in just one day
Than we do in an entire year
You strive to make our homes a haven
Safe from harms way and fear

You vow To Protect and To Serve
People you don’t even know
You treat them all with dignity
Despite the filth they show

The way you serve with care and honor
Reflects your reputation
You wear your badge with such great pride
And it serves as confirmation

You never know with each call you take
If this will be your last
But yet you continue to take each one
And let your doubts just pass

This is your eulogy while you yet live
To wait for your death is sad
How much we need you to keep on going
To survive in a world gone mad

Kate Plourde


Tis the Name of Jesus

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T’was the name of Jesus that I called upon that day
T’was the Blessed Saviour Who washed my sins away
Tis Jesus my Shepherd who guides me to my Home
Where I will sing praises as He sits upon His Throne

July 10, 2006
Kate Plourde

Thy Name

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Emmanuel has promised to live with me (1)
The Potter molds me each day (2)
Providing for me the Bread of Life (3)
My Captain calms storms on the way (4)

The Shepherd protects me from all harm (5)
This Lamb of God most Divine (6)
Our Rose of Sharon is so precious (7)
The One and Only True Vine (8 )

The King and Mighty Potentate (9)
Is ready to call us home (10)
Our Shiloh shall gather His remnant (11)
My Beloved reigns on His Throne (12)

He is my Guide, my Prince, my Lord (13)
The Redeemer paid the price (14)
The Way, the Word, most Wonderful (15)
Son of David to rule on high (16)

Kate Plourde
February 1, 2008

(1) Matt. 1:23
(2) Rom. 9:21
(3) John 6:48
(4) Heb. 2:10
(5) Ps. 23
(6) John 1:29
(7) Song of Solomon 2:1
(8 ) John 15:1
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(10) Rev. 4:1
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(13) Ps. 48:14, Rev. 1:5, Rev. 19:16
(14) Job 19:25
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(16) Luke 18:39

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