1 Cor. 15:52  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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Question of the Day

This one-month devotional was written in 2012 to cover popular questions posed by those who are seeking for truth. The world today is being bombarded with distractions. Social media and the internet are popular ways to distract. If the devil can distract a person enough, he succeeds in keeping that person from seeking the One true God and Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. Please give this devotional a chance to encourage your heart and if you find the truth and receive Christ’s wonderful free gift of salvation, please comment and let me know. I would love to rejoice with you!

Psalms’ Blessings

Photography by Cecelia Becker

This is a devotional series on the Book of Psalms written in 2014. Psalms has always been one of my favorite books in the Bible because it offers so much comfort and encouragement. I pray you are blessed!


What do you think about when you do your devotions? Do you simply read and walk away? Or do you sit there and think about what you’ve just read? We should be walking away with something that will carry us through the day, don’t you think? I wrote this 26-day devotional series beginning in 2013 and finished it in 2014. It covers various blessings from God’s word. As you look at this picture, think on a Bible verse and really ponder over it. That is how we glean from God’s Word. I pray it is a blessing to you!

Nuggets from Proverbs

This is a 30-day devotional on the Book of Proverbs originally written in 2006. It is filled with exhortation and encouragement to live Godly lives while waiting for the Lord’s return! I pray that you will be blessed by it.

The Names of Jesus

This is a 30-day devotional written in 2008 on the different names for Jesus that can be found in God’s word. It’s not all inclusive but there are enough names to show us Christ’s nature through His different names! It brought me such a blessing and I hope you can say the same. After all, how can we not when we read about our Shepherd, Saviour and Friend!

Mini-Manna for Little Lambs

When John and I were raising our sons, we discovered that there weren’t any devotionals that we could use for little ones. There were Keys for Kids, but they were for ages over 5 or so. A friend of ours just had his second daughter and asked me if I knew of any devotionals for young children. I researched quite a bit and never did find anything he could use. That’s when the Lord impressed upon my heart to start the “Mini-Manna for Little Lambs” series in 2007.

I began working on this series of devotionals that parents could use with their “little lambs” up through toddler years a year or so ago. I have only 27 days but if you have any ideas for topics you would like to teach your baby/toddler, please leave a comment and I will be sure to write a devotional on that topic for your use!


The hymns of yesteryear were actual gospel messages. The writers were God-fearing Christians who knew the cost to living for Christ. This is a 30-day devotional, originally written in 2007, which covers hymns (prior to copyright laws), their authors and how they tie in with the Word of God. This series will be a blessing to my soul and I pray to yours! In a world of contemporary music and PowerPoint presentations used in church services, the old hymns and favorites are slowly fading away. My prayer is that we will be exhorted to go back to the old paths of our fathers and renew these hymns in our own daily lives. These are hymns written prior to this backslidden, emerging church called the Laodicean church. These are words written by those who have met with their Saviour in their prayer closets and have been moved by the Holy Spirit to pen the words which in turn have moved the hearts of men.

God’s Goodness

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I’ve learned to find the smallest of blessings in the things that God provides for us each and every day. One wouldn’t think that gourds are a blessing but I do. As you look at this photograph, look at the beautiful colors! As Summer comes to an end, we see the Fall foliage and crops pop with their exquisite beauty! I pray this 30-day devotional (written in 2007) will help you to concentrate on God’s creation and see how we can learn about Him through it all.

For the Weary

Photography by Bob Sabo

Do you find yourself in a dark place in your life? Christians are not exempt from illness or difficulties. This is a 28-day devotional written in 2008 and written for those who are weary of the Christian battle. Whether your weariness is due to chronic illness, spiritual battles, serving God, or even if you don’t know God intimately. I pray this devotional series will be a blessing to you!

For the Master’s Use

Photography by Bob Sabo

Are you a Christian ready for the Master to use? Do you allow yourself to be used of Him? So many are aching and in need of a tender touch or kind word in today’s world. This is a two-week devotional originally written 2008 in hopes that a Christian would come across it and find it helpful!

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