Will I be found faithful when You return for me, dear Lord?
Or will my efforts leave me with a meagerly reward?
These are my thoughts each passing day; seeking to do your will,
I longingly search your way through the illuminating Word.

Use me in my circle, to share your mercy and your grace.
I will gladly show salvation to those who are so lost!
Lord, there is no greater love that I can share with this world;
To tell them of your suffering – you paid that heavy cost!

The time of the Rapture is soon coming, right at the door.
I fear that my lost family will suffer Satan’s rage!
Oh Father, give me extra time to share the bless’d news.
Please remove the scale-filled eyes and reveal your precious Grace.

Each morning finds me watching, waiting for that Kingdom age.
Dear Father, there’s no greater gift than what you did for me!
All my tears shall be wiped free, and my faith will be made sight.
I will spend each of those days with you for all eternity!

~ Kate Plourde, 08/29/2023