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This is a notice of my quest to move on
No longer to live in rooms void of light
Each brings me so much pain and remorse
I would wander inside as though it were night

The first room of choice is the darkest of all
The attic so small but filled with the old
And dust covered secret sins long forgotten
But kept just in case desires should unfold

My bedroom was next, neatly tidied within
Filled with sins of omission – all smartly hidden
From family and friends, so they could not see
The depravity and filth, neatly painted within

As I walked down the hall, the kitchen in view
Here was a hub filled with family discussions
At mealtime yet nothing really nourished within
Nothing took root, only increased frustrations

After the family room where I would kick back
To entertainment crammed with cursing and sin
My mind and my heart were hardened and blind
By the choices I made much to my shame and chagrin

The basement was last and I feared this one most
The corners were dark, filled with questions and doubt
It was here that You shined the Light of the Word
And established my heart, now I scream and I shout

I’ve been wondrously saved by the Blood of the Lamb
No longer to roam in this house, it’s now banned
To God be the Glory I now have a new home
In heaven for me and it’s called Beulah Land

Given to me by the Lord
May 4, 2006