1 Cor. 15:52  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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The Trials of Life

The trials of life are a training course
With the goal to draw us to His side
Some obstacles are easy, some are hard
Each one with its own lesson applied

What do we do with each of these trials
Do we grumble through them, complain?
Do we bad mouth the Lord with our actions
Each of these smearing His name?

Or do we trust in Him to pull us through
And give us insight from His Word
Every storm has a calm sea at the end
A beautiful rainbow from the Lord!

Given to me by the Lord
Kate Plourde

The Stranger

I let a stranger in my life
He filled my every need
He didn’t ask much of my time
So easy was He to please

He simply said His load was light
How true that was to be
I grew to love Him more each day
And now I am set free

I can’t explain the way I feel
This happiness inside
I want to share it with all I know
A love I just can’t hide

Why does He make me feel this way
I can’t begin to know
He says to put my trust in Him
And inside me His Spirit grows

He’ll show me what there is to life
If I just keep His Holy Word
He’ll help me through the grief and strife
If I just make Him the Lord of all

It’s not easy to give in to Him
To change those old wicked ways
But He knows this and with an outstretched Hand
He helps me not to stray

He asks so little in return
For all these needs I ask
Only to love and praise His Holy Name
And that’s such an easy task

Oh how happy I am I let Him in
That stranger in my life
No more darkness will I ever see
Just His sweet and glorious Light.

Kate Plourde

March 1981

The Still Waters

When the storms of life are raging
And the trials are too much to bear
He leads me to that peaceful shore
Where He shows me that He cares

The waters there, so still and clear
Quench my thirst and calm my heart
My Shepherd waits there patiently
Assuring me He’ll not depart

As I sit along the water’s edge
I pour out my heart and soul
He puts His arm around my neck
And my tears begin to roll

His eyes tear up as I share each trial
It’s as though He feels my pain
My Shepherd gives my neck a squeeze
Giving joy which I can’t contain

A Friend, Brother, and Shepherd is He
His Word gives me strength and delight
He refreshes my poor broken spirit
And gives me songs in the night

My visits beside those still waters
Grow sweeter with each passing day
I eagerly run there each morning
To hear what my Shepherd will say

His Words bring refreshment and solace
The love in His eyes stir me so
May I always be found ever serving
Through my actions, His love will I show

Kate Plourde
October 6, 2006

The Rose of Sharon

You are the rose of Sharon
And the Lily of the Fields
Your words are fruit unto my soul
In your shadow I do kneel

While there I’m led to the banquet house
Where Your banner o’er me is love
I seek your voice so desperately
Your words are soft as the dove

As the shadows flee and darkness comes
My Saviour awaits there for me
With arms out stretched and inviting
He has promised His comfort so sweet

Kate Plourde
August 22, 2006

The Joy of Spring

The trees with tiny buds await the call to bloom
The robin begins to sing its melodius tune
The signs of Spring are in the air, life all anew
The daffodils swaying as the sun dries the dew

Creation applauds as Spring’s entrance is made
Announcing to all rebirth beautifully portrayed
By the hand of the Master Creator on high
He whispers His love through His beauty divine

This new birth spills forth to mankind through His grace
Salvation is free to all and their sins are erased
A new life in Christ where old things have all passed
Born again of the Spirit, reconciled at last

Kate Plourde, March 18, 2008

The Comforter

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
I realized I was doomed, pretty hopeless I’ll say.
But The Comforter entered and brought me such peace.
I knew I was different, that burden released.

Those tears just kept coming, His Love could it be?
How precious and sacred that time was to me!
He washed me and saved me from sin and despair.
I was heading for hell, it seemed no one did care.

But my Heavenly Father loved a wretch such as me.
That He sent His Dear Son to shed blood on a tree.
He took upon Him all my sin and my shame.
That some day with Him I would be able to reign.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.
How wonderful these words which bless my soul.
Too great for me is this Act of Great Love.
Provided by my Father from Heaven Above!
Thank you Lord for saving my soul!

Kate Plourde


That Great Reunion Day

Just thinking about that day to come
When we all will be set free
Makes me simply want to burst with joy
And get on bended knee

How thankful we should be for this
That Jesus had to die
So we could sing and praise His Name
On that blessed day in the sky

Yes, that day is foremost in our minds
We Christians, one and all
It’s our payment for our work for Him
No more will we ever fall

Thank you dear Father for this great gift
The price Christ had to pay
We all look forward to our meeting
On that Great Reunion Day!

Kate Plourde, February 1981

Praise Your Holy Name

I lift up my voice and sing praises
To the One who made me whole
He pulled me from the miry clay
And a new heart did He mold

Rejoice with me friend and sing His praise
With melody clear and sweet
Worship the Lord God Almighty
This day through eternity

Your Name is above all other names
You’re the blessed Three in One
The Great I am, Emmanuel
For which greater there is none

Rejoice with me friend and sing His praise
With melody clear and sweet
Worship the Lord God Almighty
This day through eternity

Kate Plourde, December 29, 2008

Praise the Lord, All Ye Saints

Praise the Lord, all ye saints
His Goodness ever sing
Glory to God in word and deed
Give honor to our King

Share his blessings every one
Shout acclamations too
Worthy is the Saviour
For what He’s done for you

The God of all creation
Came down in form of man
To open Heavens pearly gates
With His own loving hands

There’s none other like our God
The victory is won
We serve the God who’s living
The Bless-ed Three in One!

Shout from the highest mountains
What the Lamb of God has done
For all who seek will surely find
The wonderful Father’s Son!

Kate Plourde
February 14, 2007

Perfect Love

Adrift upon life’s stormy billows,
True despair sets in as darkness falls.
The tempest raging, days turn to night.
Can peace be found amidst it all?

My heart is discouraged, my eyes dim.
It is exhausting to seek the cure.
But I know that His Word is my salve.
It is healing and peace, He assures.

A glimmer of hope, Oh soul rejoice!
The Shepherd’s hand wipes away my tears.
Each drop replaced with His light and peace,
His perfect Love casteth out all fears!

Kate Plourde
August 15, 2006

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