1 Cor. 15:52  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

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My Father and I Are One

My Father and I are one,
Joined together because of His Son
Not by my actions or deeds
But only by the work Christ has done

Salvation was freely given,
By the One who had paid the full price
He painfully said “It is finished”
Offering Himself as a sacrifice.

The Father and I are one
Because of Christ’s work for the lost
I am gloriously saved by grace
Thank You, Father, for the work of the cross!

Kate Plourde

My Darling

Written for my dear husband for his birthday!

When my eyes fell upon you
This teen girl lost all control
Not only did you win my heart
You reached my very soul

We walk on this path called life
Hand in hand, along our way
Though times are not always easy
God guides us day to day

I’ve always been so proud to be
Your lover, friend and wife
I still get those butterflies
As I wait for you each night

I love you, my dear husband
I’m truly blessed beyond compare
I married you, my soul mate
You’re my treasure, oh so rare

Our life’s journey is not over
Our retirement is near
And as God reigns supremely
We have not a thing to fear!Kate Plourde
October 20, 2006


The mountains shout out your majesty
The oceans roar of your might
The birds sing your glorious wonders
The night skies glitter your light

Lord God, oh King and Creator of all
Your people shout and cry
You fill our lives with your wondrous works
We praise your name on high!

The country side reveals your beauty
Each flower and tree your grace
The valleys are filled with your presence
Creation sings their praises!

Lord God, oh King and Creator of all
Your people shout and cry
You fill our lives with your wondrous works
We praise your name on high!

Kate Plourde – February 2010

Lost but Found

So lost in an untamed sea of misery and despair
With foaming waves of despondency and anguish
Searching for answers to questions never shared
Nor spoken aloud for fear of utter rejection

Until a glimmer of light pierced the darkest clouds
Breaking through the wretchedness of my wicked heart
Revealing the need to be freed from this sinful shroud
Which covered me completely and blinded my soul

This glorious light penetrated through my blindness
And revealed the beauty and wonder of the Master
Jesus who created me, fashioned into His likeness
To be a reflection of Him when His task is completed

I am astounded that Christ would spare even but a minute
To teach and guide a spiritually lacking one such as I
But as the Potter guides and shapes the clay to mold it
He will adorn this child with His beauty and His Spirit.

How glorious it is to dwell on the thought of His appearing
To visualize in my mind’s eye how we will see His face
I shudder to think of those left behind and what they’ll be missing
As we celebrate a reunion that has truly been long in coming.

Kate Plourde
June 2004

Looking Up to the Hills

My eyes look up as they search for help
Toward the hills where the promise lies
The Creator’s not far, He works His way
Toward me from the other side

He guides my walk and protects my feet
From stumbling on the rocky steep
Great comfort lies within my heart
Knowing that He shall never sleep

Christ is my shelter, He provides me shade
During the fiery trials of life
Under the shadow of His Blessed wings
Peace and comfort throughout the night

This Keeper of my soul ever vigilant
Protecting me through life’s storms
And watches over me with such care
Not just today but ever more!

Kate Plourde
August 11, 2006

Jesus My Redeemer, My King

Thou art my Rock and my Fortress
Thou art my hiding place
Under Thy wing of protection
Thy Word I truly embrace

Thou givest me song in the nighttime
Thou givest me light on the way
Directing my every footstep
Protecting my night and my day

A Shepherd Thou art in my life Lord
Thy rod and staff guide my way
Gently prodding, pulling and guiding
My heart at Thy Throne I do lay

What comfort Thou givest this pilgrim
What peace and joy lies within
Tis nothing I could do for myself, Lord
Only Thy Blood cleanseth me from this sin

Dear Jesus, Thou art my Deliverer
On Thee will I focus my heart
Thou hast given me life eternal
My name from Thy Book will not part

I will meet Thee my Lord, my Redeemer
When my course on earth has been run
And my eyes will be able to see Thee
Then in person I’ll worship the Son!

Oh come join me all ye who love Him
Let our voices ne’er cease to sing
Cast thy burdens at Jesus’ Precious Feet
Shout Hosannah to our Heavenly King!

Given to me June 16, 2006
Kate Plourde


Just as I was, You accepted me
Ended was my search and quest
Such amazing grace which I received
Undeserved mercy at best
Sweet precious Saviour to me!

Kate Plourde
April 2006

Haven for My Soul

Oh how my soul longs to be with Him
Exhausted from the trials of the day
I look forward to sitting close by Him
And wait anxiously to what He will say

He watches, He beckons, Come join Me
I will quench your thirst and make you whole
Sweet solace I’ll give beyond measure
At this peaceful haven for your soul

This sanctuary I’ve made for you
To shelter you during times of storm
And prepare you for trials up ahead
While a work in you heart I perform

I go to my haven each morning
All my cares at His feet I do lay
I leave them with Him for He loves me
As I travel on life’s narrow way.

© Kate Plourde

Gleanings from Psalms

As the grass doth wither and the flowers fade away
Thy Word shall stand forever as a light upon my way
Quicken thou me this day, O Lord, according to Thy Word
So I may share Thy glorious hope to a dying world.

Thy Word is hidden in my heart to shelter me from sin
Each word is breathed upon my soul and rooted deep within
Springing forth in times of need to freshen day by day
This manna doth feed me and molds this lump of clay

©Kate Plourde
September 8, 2010


There are different kinds of friendships
That we encounter along the way
That vary with each different person
And change from day to day

There is only one kind of friend though
That is worthwhile waiting for
The kind that always stands behind you
And provides you with so much more

Much more than mere companionship
Much more than a bending ear
But the kind that always holds you tight
Whenever you’re close to tears

The kind that understands your ways
Without a question or a word
The kind that just cannot be bought
And if so, I could not afford

And this, my friend, is a story of you
That I hold dearly to my heart
I thank the Lord for your sweet friendship
And pray that we’ll never part!

Kate Plourde


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